Our Story

In the early 1970’s, Claude Berthier was working as a sales representative for Saint Gobain a French company and for his business activities, he was traveling around the world and notably visited all the African countries. During his last mission in Africa, he decided to expand his business in the Indian Ocean islands among which was Mauritius Island.

After a long trip of 18 hours, he finally discovered Mauritius Island and was captivated. Indeed, he succumbed to the charm of this small and magnificent island with luxuriant nature, crystalline water and welcoming people. He was particularly amazed by the beauty of the peaceful fisherman’s village of Trou aux Biches.

He then wished to share his discovery back in France and make it possible for other people to catch a glimpse of paradise.

He had the opportunity to meet with Gaetan Duval who was Lord Mayor of Port-Louis at the time. Gaetan Duval, who became Sir Gaetan Duval, was involved in different ministerial posts under the government of Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam. Notably, he was developing the tourism sector and offered the opportunity to Claude Berthier to invest in the hotel industry and contribute to the economy of Mauritius.  In collaboration with other investors such as Mr. Vivian Noël de Roquefeuil, Claude Berthier started the construction of Casuarina Village Hotel in 1973, among the first hotels built in Mauritius.

Maurice “Mico” Giraud, the most symbolic architect of Mauritius, was in charge of the construction of 15 island-tropical style bungalows among luxurious gardens.

In 1974, the first tourists of Casuarina Resort came from France and confirmed the touristic potential of Mauritius and the intuition of Claude Berthier.

In May 1982, further to the demise of Vivian Noël de Roquefeuil, Mr. Lois Levieux and Mr. Paul “Rico” Chasteigner du Mée took over his investment and provided support to the growth of Casuarina.

In 1989 a second phase of construction began with the development of 52 extra rooms. Then in 1999-2000, the hotel was entirely redesigned to reach its actual size of 93 superior rooms and 15 bungalows, still maintaining the same architectural style and the tropical gardens environment.

In December 2003, Mauritius Commercial Bank took over the stake of Mr. Lois Levieux and heirs and confidently supported the development of Casuarina.

In 2006 the Management decided to introduce a unique experience for body and soul to its guests through the opening of a Balinese Spa.

In September 2010, Casuarina became Alizée Resort Management Ltd and launched its second hotel. Le Cardinal Exclusive Resort was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Mauritius, Sir Anerood Jugnauth.

The 2 hotels are now part of Alizée Resort Management Ltd which main objective is to preserve its heritage and adapt to the evolving needs of its guests.

In 2017, Alizée Resort Management Ltd has started its 43rd year in the hospitality industry in Mauritius and remains one of the few independent players on the market.


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